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inspired by nature 

inspired by nature

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I am an artist with passion for gardens, drawing, painting and writing

 I love flora and landscapes, birds and trees. I love the singing of the blackbird in the evening, the smell of honeysuckle and the taste of wild strawberries. I am passionate about gardens and the importance of harmony with nature for our lives. I design (ecological) gardens and to help knowledge of biodiversity and nature I illustrate and write children books.  I make art so you will have always a little piece of hapiness in your home.

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Very proud to have this assignement. For IVN, a nature education institute in the Netherlands I made some illustrations about hedges and live around it for their magazine. 

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symposium and exhibition

Symposium Ensemble Tunesia

I had a nice time at the international symposium for contemporary art in Tunisia at Hammamet. Together with some grat artists like Yousef Achmed from Qatar, Maria Balea from hungary, Abdul Rasul from Kuweit, Krzysztof Molenda from Polen.And ofcourse Ali Rashid who was the curator and Rim Ayari the director.


city garden, 2022

little city garden with durable material and native plants. 


medittarenian garden, 2023

also in a meditarrenian garden you can combine cultivars with native plants to stimulate biodiversity in the city


native plant garden 2024

garden with native plants, eatable plants 

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Oli en Koer

Oli her grandmother has died and she tries to tell her friend Koer, but Koer lost his nest, shall they be able to help each other? picture book.
I wrote and draw this book because my mother died and I saw how my son reacted and this loss. And when I read that elephants really cried when loosing a family member it was for me clear that one of the main characters should be an elephant. also elephants are endangered species.

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Tos, albatross

a leporello about the life of an albatross written in poems.
Also albatrosses are endangered species this is the biggest flying bird on earth  and they have special habits. They are monogamous and when they see their partner againafter a year they really cuddle each other so lovely!

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sparrows house

In the Netherlands the numbers of sparrows are declining and I could not imagine that children would grow up without chattering sparrows….

illustrations for books, cards, editorial
art for interiors
workshops/ lectures about garden architecture and drawing

gitta pardoel