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Space Between
Spatial Design
gitta pardoel
Spatial Designer
gitta pardoel | | kvk: 27328142
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Spatial Design
Artistic Research
In my work I have been looking for my relationship, our relationship to nature. In all my work I try to explore the deeper meaning of my relationship as a human being to the overwhelming nature in an artistic way with artistic means.
I use the technique of the narrative to tell or clear a story.
Space between

I have always been interested in the experience of spaces, our perception and the identity of places. As an artist/ illustrator I mix my background as an architect / garden designer with that of an artist. Landscape experiences and movements through spaces interested me more than the immutability of buildings and objects. Places and spaces tell stories and to unravel them I use collections of different routes, experiences and traces to understand a certain space and thus form a layered experience of a place.

In recent years I have become more and more interested in the shift in our idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnature. In our current time, caring for the planet as a whole makes me focus more on sustainability and ecology.
The disappearance of flora and fauna affects me in particular and it turned out that this is a passion for me.
So in my practice I try to find a balance between beauty and perception. And sometimes work takes on the function of a mirror in the hope of changing us to become better people.

Gitta Pardoel
The Representation of green living spaces can be as well as a design tool as a way of telling a story
Spatial design. Storytelling in spaces. Telling eachother stories is as old as mankind. Spatial stories have the adventage to accentuate and specify the typical characteristics of a place or to make a place meaningful by using spatial stories.

Green design, for garden or urban landscapes. Designed with care for the specific characteristics of space and historical background.
Designed with care and careful constructed.
Artistic works making stories in (urban)landscapes visible at an imaginable way.
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