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Inspired by nature

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Animals and people

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Flowering plants

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Butterfly in landscape

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ecology and links


coffee community

Sparrows house

Little sparrow is in search for a new home, shall she find it?

making coffee

Oli and Koer

Oli her grandmother has died and she tries to tell her friend Koer, but Koer lost his nest, shall they be able to help each other? picture book

brew techniques


leporello about the life of an albatross

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I am an illustrator, artist and teacher.
I like flora and landscapes, birds and trees.
I like to see a story in every image.
I like the singing of the blackbird in the evening, the smell of honeysuckle and the taste of wild strawberries

Our attitude towards nature is the red line in my work and the importance of harmony with nature for our lives.
In my artwork I focus on the balance between human and nature as in my illustrations I want to create awareness for the lost of nature.You like my work or you want to work together?
Please contact me.

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